Port Granby Project Public Engagement

The 2017 Port Granby Project CLG

PGP_CLG team 2017

Port Granby CLG 2017 (from left to right) Rae Coakwell, Ken Hargreaves, Karen Cashin, Heather Kenny (not pictured: Eric Clarke and Bonnie Wrightman)

Karen-CashinKaren Cashin

Citizen at Large • Term: 2016-2017

A long-time environmental advocate and enthusiastic supporter of alternative energy, Karen joined the CLG to learn more about the evolution of the project and the environmental benefits for the surrounding natural areas, with a particular interest in the Port Granby bluffs and beach.


Eric-ClarkeEric Clarke

Citizen at Large • Term: 2016-2017

With 40 years experience in civil aviation, Eric has significant knowledge of quality control and regulatory compliance procedures. He has lived in the Port of Newcastle for five years and, having recently retired, became involved with the CLG as an opportunity to stay well informed on the progress of the Port Granby Project.


Rae CoakwellRae Coakwell

Southeast Clarington Ratepayers Association • Term: 2016-2017

Port Granby resident and long-time member of the Southeast Clarington Ratepayers Association (SECRA), Rae has strong knowledge of the construction industry and an avid interest in the PHAI. Rae sees the CLG as an excellent opportunity to learn more about the project and keep the Port Granby community informed.


Ken-HargreavesKen Hargreaves

Citizen at Large • Term: 2016-2017

Ken is a former OPG employee with extensive knowledge of the nuclear industry and nuclear host communities. He looks forward to contributing his insight to the group and learning more about the Port Granby Project.


Kenney_HeatherHeather Kenny

Citizen at Large • Term: 2017-2018

Heather is an active participant in the Port Granby community with a keen interest in environmental initiatives. As a citizen-at-large member of the CLG, Heather brings a variety of skills and experience in communications and stakeholder relations and a passion for preserving the region’s natural resources and attributes.


BonnieBonnie Wrightman

Clarington Board of Trade & Office of Economic Development • Term: 2014-2017

Representing the Clarington Board of Trade & Office of Economic Development, Bonnie will bring the interests of the local business community to the table. Through the CLG, Bonnie plans to increase her project knowledge and share project information and opportunities with the business community.

“We’re pleased to have such a diverse group of skilled individuals with a strong interest in the Port Granby Project,” said Marty Kapitan, manager, legal agreement programs, PHAI MO. “Through their input and ideas, they provide valuable benefits to the community and to the PHAI MO as the project moves forward. We look forward to working with them.”

CLG members represent a broad cross-section of community interests that includes the environment, business, education, health and community life. Members can apply to sit as official representatives of a community group or association or as citizens at large.

May 1, 2017