Port Hope Project Public Engagement

The 2017 Port Hope Project CLG


Port Hope CLG 2017 (from left to right) Tim Tottenham, John Saundercook,
Jan Marani, Dawn McArthur, Bree Nixon, Robert Trew, Stan Muldoon (not pictured: William Lambert, Terry Holmes, Dan Bulger, Amanda Yakiwchuk, Joelle Pegg)

Dan-BulgerDan Bulger

Northumberland Hills Assoc. of Realtors • Term: 2016-2017

As President of the Northumberland Hills Association of REALTORS®, Dan joined the CLG to represent Realtors doing business in Port Hope. He looks to gain a more thorough understanding of the project, allowing him to provide information and updates to local Realtors and support their success in the Port Hope real estate market. 

Terry HolmesTerry Holmes

Port Hope Lions Club • Term: 2015-2017

Terry represents the Port Hope Lions Club, a local organization dedicated to supporting vision care and local charities. The Lions Club has a particular interest in the project because of its close proximity to major cleanup sites. www.porthopelions.com/

William LambertWilliam Lambert

Canadian Fire Fighters Museum • Term: 2015-2017

William represents the Canadian Fire Fighters Museum, which was established in Port Hope in 1984. The museum has a strong interest in the plans and activities of the Port Hope Project as it is located on a site that will require remediation.   www.firemuseumcanada.com/

Marani_JanJan Marani

Port hope Yacht Club • Term: 2017-2018

A second-generation Port Hoper, Jan teaches at a local elementary school and is a member of the Port Hope Yacht Club. Representing the club on the CLG, Jan has a strong interest in the Port Hope Project, particularly the remediation plans for the Port Hope Harbour.


Dawn-McArthurDawn McArthur

Port Hope High School/Dr. Hawkins School Joint Parent Council • Term: 2016-2017

Dawn has been a resident of rural Port Hope for 10 years and is passionate about environmental issues. As both a parent and member of Port Hope High School/Dr. M.S. Hawkins Senior Public School Parent Council, Dawn sees the CLG as an ideal opportunity to learn more about the project and act as a liaison for the school communities.


Stan-MuldoonStan Muldoon

Pine Ridge Hiking Club • Term: 2016-2017

A 30-year resident of Port Hope, Stan is a conservationist and President of the Pine Ridge Hiking Club. As a member of the CLG, his goal is to ensure that he and the club’s 185 members are well informed on the mandate and ongoing progress of the PHAI.


Bree NixonBree Nixon

Port Hope & District Chamber of Commerce • Term: 2014-2017

A fifth generation Port Hope resident, Bree is the manager of the Port Hope & District Chamber of Commerce and will bring the views of the local business community to the discussion. She also seeks to increase her knowledge about the project in order to provide timely and up-to-date information to the Chamber’s members, who may benefit from project-related economic opportunities. www.porthopechamber.com/

Pegg_JoelleJoelle Pegg

Citizen at Large • Term: 2017-2018

As a resident of Port Hope, Joelle is well informed about the PHAI and understands the need for timely, accurate information. A regular attendee at the Baulch Road dog park, Joelle has the opportunity to speak with a number of residents and visitors and looks forward to the opportunity to share project updates as a member of the CLG.


Saundercock_JohnJohn Saundercook

Citizen at Large • Term: 2017-2018

A three-year resident to Port Hope, John has watched the Port Hope Project progress over the last few years and takes great interest in the details. He looks forward to participating in the CLG as a citizen-at-large and bringing project updates back to the community.


Tottenham_TimTim Tottenham

Willow Beach Field Naturalists • Term: 2017-2018

Having grown up in Port Hope, Tim is dedicated to studying, preserving and enhancing the natural heritage of Northumberland County. Representing the Willow Beach Field Naturalists on the CLG, Tim’s focus is the environmental remediation aspects of the PHAI.


Robert TrewRobert Trew

Citizen at Large • Term: 2015-2017 

Robert has lived in the Port Hope community for most of his life and has enjoyed a long career in the construction trades, including owning his own business for 24 years. Robert joined the CLG to “...learn more about the projects, the environmental protection plans and the employment opportunities the Port Hope Area Initiative will create for the community.”

Mandi-YakiwchukAmanda Yakiwchuk

Citizen at Large • Term: 2016-2017

Having grown up north of urban Port Hope, in Garden Hill, Mandi travelled and lived abroad for 20 years before returning to her hometown in 2013. An active member of both the Port Hope Rotary Club and 1st Port Hope Girl Guides, Mandi has considerable experience in community awareness initiatives. She looks forward to learning more about the PHAI, plans for management of potential impact on local residents and businesses, and strategies for educating the youth of Port Hope about the project.

“We’re pleased to have such a diverse group of skilled individuals with a strong interest in the Port Hope Project,” said Marty Kapitan, manager, legal agreement programs, PHAI MO. “Through their input and ideas, they provide valuable benefits to the community and to the PHAI MO as the project moves forward. We look forward to their contribution to this year’s group.”

CLG members represent a broad cross-section of community interests that includes the environment, business, education, health and community life. Port Hope residents can apply to sit as official representatives of a local community group or association or as citizens at large. 

May 1, 2017