Health, Safety, Security & Environment and Quality

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) is committed to ensuring the safety and protection of workers, the public and the environment, and these are our highest priorities. We are committed to meeting the requirements of our regulators, customers, stakeholders and the public as we strive to advance nuclear science and technology for a clean and secure world.


CNL has a “Target Zero” philosophy regarding health and safety events, lost-time incidents for workers and impacts on public safety. These same goals apply to all CNL activities, including the Port Hope Area Initiative (PHAI).

Our strong safety culture is incorporated into the fabric of the organization through mandatory new-employee orientation, ongoing training and strict adherence to CNL’s safety policies and procedures. From top to bottom, everyone at CNL takes responsibility for ensuring our work is carried out safely and responsibly and that approach extends to our subcontracted workforces.

We work closely with local emergency services to ensure that personnel are knowledgeable about PHAI site conditions and that all staff, including our subcontractors and our own, are well prepared to act quickly, effectively and efficiently in the event of any emergency.

Equipment-monitoringCompliance and Surveillance

CNL’s compliance and quality assurance groups provide independent internal oversight and licensing support to ensure compliance with health, safety, security, environment and quality requirements. CNL conducts regular compliance and surveillance oversight inspections to ensure subcontractors are working to meet our expectations, including the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) requirements as outlined in the project specific Waste Nuclear Substance Licences.

CNL’s robust compliance and surveillance oversight program for the PHAI is in place to ensure that all CNSC licence requirements and CNL expectations are being met by staff and subcontractors. The  PHAI employs a team dedicated to conducting regular compliance oversight inspections in areas such as site safety, radiation protection and contractor oversight.

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April 26, 2018