Renewed Property Value Protection (PVP) Program Announced

Changes to the Property Value Protection (PVP) Program, which will fully come into effect on June 1, 2016, will make the program clearer and easier to use for the majority of claimants. The changes reflect recommendations made by the federal government following a comprehensive review of the program.

The PVP Program offers compensation to eligible property owners within the designated PVP Zone for financial loss on the sale of their property, loss of rental income or mortgage renewal difficulties as a direct result of the PHAI activities. The review of the PVP Program was undertaken following an evaluation of the entire PHAI done by Natural Resources Canada in 2011 and addressed stakeholder feedback about the program.

The two main changes to the renewed program are increased clarity and transparency and a choice of two routes to file a claim. These and other changes are explained in several documents, including the PVP Program Rules, Layman’s Guide to the PVP Program and the PVP Program Overview fact sheet. This information, as well as the Government of Canada’s Review Report and other documents pertaining to the renewed program, are publicly available through this website or by visiting the PHAI Management Office.

Public drop-in sessions will be held in May to explain changes to the program and answer questions before the changes come into effect on June 1.

PVP Program Post card

Please note: during the period of transition from the old program to the renewed program (May 2 to June 1) Claims submitted to the program will be processed under the rules of the old program however appeal rules will follow that of the renewed program.

For more information about the renewed program, please click on the PVP tab on this website, visit us at the PHAI Management Office at 115 Toronto Road,
Port Hope, or contact us at or 905.885.0291.