Citizen Liaison Group recruitment well underway. Local citizens are encouraged to join the conversation

Port Hope, Ontario (November 21, 2016) – The Port Hope Area Initiative (PHAI) is accepting applications for the 2017 Port Hope Project and Port Granby Project Citizen Liaison Groups (CLG) until December 9.

The CLGs offer forums for volunteer members and PHAI staff to exchange information and ideas about the cleanup and long-term safe management of the historic low-level radioactive waste in the Port Hope area and Port Granby area of Southeast Clarington. No special knowledge about the projects is required to apply.

Members attend a minimum of four meetings per year, hosted by the PHAI. The CLG provides an opportunity for area residents who are interested in the project to deepen their awareness and share that knowledge with the community.

“By participating on the CLG, community members have a unique opportunity to share their views and suggestions, as well as feedback they receive from the public, directly with PHAI staff," said Marty Kapitan, Manager of Legal Agreement Programs. “We encourage members to communicate their enhanced understanding with people in the community.”

Applicants may apply to sit as a citizen-at-large or as a representative of a local community organization.  CLG members serve for two-year terms, with the option to extend for a maximum term of four years.

For more information or to apply online, click here or call 905.885.0291.

November 21, 2016