First movement of waste under the Port Hope Project completed


On December 1, the first truckloads of contaminated soil was transferred into the new engineered aboveground mound at the Port Hope Project Long-Term Waste Management Facility. This was the news shared with the Port Hope community during the quarterly PHAI update to Municipality of Port Hope Council on December 5.

The presentation, delivered by Craig Hebert, General Manager of CNL’s Historic Waste Program Management, came on the heels of the start of PHAI waste movement.  Only days before the PHAI update to Council and the community, the first truckload of waste was relocated to Cell 1 of the mound from the legacy site located within the boundaries of the new long-term waste management facility.    

“The opening of Cell 1 demonstrates that the engineered mound is now ready to receive waste and the cleanup of sites in the rest of the community remains on schedule to begin in spring 2018,” said Hebert.

The news was met with congratulatory remarks from Port Hope Mayor Bob Sanderson. On behalf of the community, the Mayor expressed continued confidence in CNL’s ability to move the project forward in a safe and responsible manner.

The update also included a look ahead to significant upcoming work packages, including the remediation of the Waterfront area. Hebert noted that remediation of the Viaducts and West Beach is anticipated to begin in the spring while the Harbour and Centre Pier cleanup is scheduled for a Summer/Fall 2018 start.

Hebert also provided an update on the ongoing Property Radiological Survey testing in Port Hope. “Residents receive a Compliance Letter once they have participated in the cleanup and meet PHAI Clean-Up Criteria.  Compliance letters are particularly important if you plan to sell or bequeath your property in future,” said Hebert.

In concluding his presentation, Hebert issued a reminder that if there are any questions about the PHAI or individual properties, CNL is available to assist with the provision of answers.

December 12, 2017