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Road Allowance Investigations

AFW_WEBWorking on behalf of the PHAI Management Office, Amec Foster Wheeler will conduct three activities simultaneously – service utility locates, traditional land surveys and gamma radiological scans – so, at any point, residents may see one or all of these activities in their neighbourhood.

For ease of testing, the contractor has divided the areas being tested into six groups.

Current Road Allowance Investigations:

Port Hope residents may see any one or all of the following activities being conducted as part of the PHAI road allowance radiological testing.

Gamma Scanning:

Gamma scanning will resume when the snow diminishes

Land Surveying:

January 16 - February 18

Utility Locates:

January 16 - February 18

This work is being done as part of the Property Radiological Survey

Fast facts about the road allowance testing:Road-allowance-equipment_collage

  • No road closings are anticipated.
  • The work is expected to take approximately eight months.
  • Approximately 175 road allowances, alleys and laneways will be investigated; all other road allowances were tested in 2001.
  • Earlier work identified the 175 road allowances and rights-of-way that are the subject of the current work.
  • Results from this testing will determine which road allowances will require follow-up borehole drilling/soil sampling for low-level radioactive waste, expected to take place in 2017.