General manager's update to Municipality of Port Hope Council


In a PHAI update to the Municipality of Port Hope on March 7, 2017, Craig Hebert, General Manager of the Historic Waste Program Management Office, highlighted that the start of the cleanup in the community is now only a year away. “In my next update, we’ll be counting down in months,” Hebert told the Port Hope mayor and council at a meeting of the Committee of the Whole.

About 30 members of the public and media were also present for the update, which provided an overview of current project activities in Port Hope, including the restart of construction work, after a planned winter shutdown, on Cell 1 of the engineered aboveground mound, and the launch of Campaign 5 – the last campaign – of the Property Radiological Survey.

Other information in the presentation included the process for remediation of private properties, a description of which can be found in the latest Port Hope Project newsletter, and the PHAI’s plans to ramp up communications efforts significantly prior to and during the cleanup. “Our annual updates to you will become quarterly reports on project work, beginning tonight,” said Hebert.

While giving a six-month look-ahead, Hebert noted that the upcoming award of the major contract to complete construction of the long-term waste management facility and operate it during remediation will clear the way for the cleanup of major and residential sites to begin in 2018.

 “My staff and I are extremely proud of the work we’re doing on this project and in this community,” said Hebert. “We know the residents of Port Hope have been waiting a long time for this cleanup, and we are working diligently to reach every milestone – safely and efficiently – that will allows us to begin moving waste next year.”