Kids learn more about Radiation Protection


It was a special day for parents working at the Historic Waste Program Management Office when they were able to introduce their kids to the work they are doing at CNL. Five grade nine students participating in the annual Take Our Kids to Work Day were given a firsthand look at the size and scale of the PHAI projects when they were taken on a tour of the major cleanup sites scheduled for remediation in Port Hope.

As the largest environmental remediation project in Canada, PHAI activities include the excavation, transportation and long-term safe storage of historic low-level radioactive waste. The by-product of processing operations of a former crown corporation – Eldorado Nuclear, the waste is located at numerous sites. Tours of these sites in Port Hope and Port Granby was the anchor to the day, which also  included radiation protection and monitoring demonstrations so students could learn more about the techniques involved in the trade.

TYKTWD_2017_02Having put on Tyvek protective suits, the kids were required to assemble a meccano set to give them an idea of what it’s like to perform detailed and accurate work while in full protective gear. The pieces in the set were coated with a glow-in-the-dark powder and after assembly, the kids were scanned with a special light that illuminates the powder to show them how easily they could have contaminated themselves and others.

By experiencing the day-to-day activities within the projects, the students were given the opportunity to explore the world of work, which will help them make informed educational decisions. Overall, it was both a rewarding and fun day for students, parents and the team that hosted the kids. 

CNL offered guided tours and activities at the Chalk River, Whiteshell and Port Hope facilities to give students an understanding of the different types of work performed at Canada’s premier nuclear science and technology laboratory.

December 1, 2017