Moving Waste Safely in Port Hope in 2018

Moving_Waste_2018In less than a year, Port Hope Area Initiative trucks will begin moving historic
low-level radioactive waste along the project’s designated transportation routes in Port Hope. Proven practices to protect people and the environment will be used to safely transport waste from cleanup sites to the new long-term waste management facility (LTWMF) located south of Highway 401 and west of Baulch Road.

With the completion of Cell 1 of the aboveground engineered mound this fall, the LTWMF will be on track to start receiving waste from various sites in the community in 2018. This milestone means that there will be an increase in activity as the waste is moved between sites throughout urban Port Hope and the LTWMF.

See the fall issue of the Port Hope Project newsletter available now for more details on the transportation routes and the measures that will be in place to ensure safety of the public, our workers and the environment.

For information on how the Port Hope Project will unfold, schedules and how project impacts on you and your neighbourhood will be minimized, please connect at or drop by our Project Information Exchange at 25 Henderson Street.


September 22, 2017