Port Granby Project Citizen Liaison Group plans for upcoming year

The 2014 term of the Port Granby Project Citizen Liaison Group (CLG) is underway with three newly appointed members taking their place on the volunteer committee.
The six-member group of Clarington residents brings together a broad cross-section of interests including the environment, education, business, health and community life. The CLG is dedicated to the exchange of information between the PHAI Management Office and the broader community. Members work to develop a technical understanding of the project so they can play a role in strengthening community awareness.

At its first meeting of 2014 in March, CLG members discussed their priorities for the upcoming year, which include increasing the visibility of the CLG in order to raise public awareness about the project, learning more about how the environment will be protected during the construction phase and what business opportunities project construction will generate for the region.

The group meets four times a year. At its final meeting of each year, the CLG hosts a public round table event to provide the community with a forum to discuss the Port Granby Project. Vacancies for the CLG are publicly advertised every year in local papers and on the PHAI website. Members serve two-year staggered terms.

May 30, 2014