Port Hope Area Initiative launches next fieldwork campaign

Port Hope, Ont. (August 31, 2015) ─ Survey teams will be in the field this fall to begin radiological investigations at more than 800 urban Port Hope properties as part of the Port Hope Project Property Radiological Survey.

ARCADIS will carry out the work on behalf of the Port Hope Area Initiative (PHAI) Management Office and begin scheduling appointments with property owners in September. The investigations include interior and exterior gamma radiation scans and borehole drilling/soil sampling. The work is expected to take about a year-and-half to complete. Radon monitoring, the first test in the survey work, has already been completed on all of these properties.

“The launch of this fieldwork is an important step in moving the Port Hope Project forward,” said PHAI General Manager Craig Hebert. “Determining which properties have historic low-level radioactive waste and which do not prepares us to undertake the cleanup.”

The Property Radiological Survey will test all 4,800 private and public properties in Ward 1 and a few properties in Ward 2. To date, more than half of Port Hope property owners are involved in some aspect of the Property Radiological Survey. Testing is being done over five campaigns with Campaign 1 investigations complete on 430 properties and the current Campaign 2 fieldwork now underway on the next 800 properties.

Over 90 per cent of properties in Port Hope are expected to meet the PHAI Clean-up Criteria and not require a cleanup. These property owners will receive a Compliance Letter stating that no further investigations will be required. Properties where historic low-level radioactive waste is identified will be cleaned up once the long-term waste management facility is ready to receive waste after 2018, and these owners will receive a Compliance Letter when that work is done.

As a personal security measure, each property has been issued a Site Identification Number that will be used during all communications between the property owner and the survey teams. Survey teams will also carry identification.

“All of Port Hope will benefit from this community-initiated cleanup. As contracts are awarded and work progresses, significant environmental and economic benefits will be realized,” said Hebert.

August 31, 2015