PHAI presented as case study of complex project at prestigious Telfer School of Management


Met with keen interest and lots of discussion, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories’ presentation at the 2017 Telfer School of Management in May was warmly received by an audience that spanned the public and private sectors. Craig Hebert, General Manager Historic Waste Program Management Office highlighted the work of the Port Hope Area Initiative (PHAI) at Telfer’s Complex Project Management Seminar.

The PHAI’s cleanup of historic low-level radioactive waste in the municipalities of Port Hope and Clarington is a complex undertaking in many ways. During his presentation, Hebert highlighted the many aspects of the PHAI – outside of construction and remediation – which contribute to its overall complexity, such as regulatory oversight, involvement of various government agencies and the need for public engagement. The requirements of the Legal Agreement which established the PHAI and the need to address the interests of various stakeholders also add a layer of complexity to the PHAI projects and was discussed in detail.

“There are dimensions to the PHAI including managing relationships at various levels with our regulators, contractors, municipalities, as well as meeting specific stakeholder requests, which affect how the project is managed.  These are precisely the things that make this project so complex,” said Hebert.

Titled “Advances in the Field of Complex Project Management”, the seminar usually features prominent speakers in areas such as business transformation, technology and innovation. This year, fellow speakers included two Assistant Deputy Ministers: Dr. Marc Fortin from the Department of National Defence and Kevin Radford from Public Works and Government Service Canada as well as the Director in Information Services at The Ottawa Hospital - Michelle Leafloor.

“I am always pleased to participate in sessions such as these which allow  learning to occur in a very practical way, as we increase knowledge beyond theory,” said Hebert of his involvement in the day’s activities.

May 15, 2017