Port Hope Project Info Session a success

Info-Session_2017“Safely Transporting Waste” through the community was the theme of the recent PHAI Information Session which gave local residents the chance to speak directly to CNL staff and find out detailed information about what to expect when the cleanup begins in Port Hope next year. Attended by property owners, realtors, media and the Mayor of Port Hope, Bob Sanderson, many people made a point of stopping at the registration desk on their way out to comment positively on the session.

Some of the more popular display booths at the session included sample design packages for properties requiring cleanup, designated waste transportation routes with maps, and a close-up look at the safety and compliance aspects of the project.

“There was a noticeable increase in general project knowledge and a definite shift to specific questions about upcoming work, which reflects accurately the progress of the project from planning to execution,” said Alex Mahabir, Manager, Communications.

The Info Session helped reinforce CNL’s commitment to the community to complete Canada’s largest environmental remediation project with care, consideration and professionalism in the midst of beautiful, historic Port Hope.  

November 1, 2017