Port Hope Project Public Attitude Survey launched

Port Hope, ON. (October 30, 2014) – The Port Hope Area Initiative Management Office (PHAI MO) is polling local residents to find out their opinions and attitudes about the cleanup and safe long‐term management of historic low‐level radioactive waste in Port Hope.

Conducted by CCI Research Inc., an independent Canadian research firm, the telephone survey begins today and will poll 500 Ward 1 and Ward 2 residents in Port Hope over the month of November.

“The survey provides valuable information that helps us understand the views of the community and how we can improve communications with residents about project activities and progress,” said Judy Herod, Manager of Stakeholder Relations & Communications for the PHAI MO.

The PHAI MO has conducted 12 public attitude surveys since the PHAI began in 2001. Since the last survey a number of significant project activities have taken place including construction of the Port Hope Project waste water treatment plant and the implementation of the Property Radiological Survey.

“We’ve added new questions this year and made improvements to some of the previous questions so the survey provides a greater opportunity for residents to express their opinions,” said Herod.

The survey seeks to find out how aware residents are of the project to clean up and manage the historic low‐level radioactive waste and how confident they are that the work can be done safely and that impacts to the local community will be managed.