Residents receive letters about upcoming PHAI fieldwork

The PHAI is currently sending letters to over 800 Port Hope property owners to notify them that the next stage of radiological testing on their property will begin this fall.

These properties, part of Campaign 2 of the Port Hope Project Property Radiological Survey, have already been monitored for radon. The current fieldwork involves interior and exterior gamma radiation scans and borehole drilling/soil sampling. Together, the four investigations provide a full radiological story for each property. From there, the PHAI can determine which properties require cleanup for historic low-level radioactive waste and which do not.

With the exception of a few property owners who entered Campaign 2 later in the process, all of these owners have received their radon results. Results for the remaining field investigations will be provided together, about a year to 18 months after the field testing begins. Within that time, samples are sent to a third-party lab for analysis, undergo a quality assurance/quality control process, and a final report is written.

This fall, the PHAI will begin preparing the site of the long-term waste management facility (LTWMF) for construction of the engineered aboveground mound by removing and stockpiling, on site, contaminated material from the area where Cell 1 will be built this spring. With the Port Hope Project waste water treatment plant now built and commissioning ready to begin, the PHAI expects to start the cleanup of sites around the municipality in 2018. As much as possible, scheduling the residential cleanups will be coordinated with the cleanup of nearby major sites to minimize disruption on the community.

August 17, 2015