Road allowance testing uses advanced technology to collect data

State-of-the art radiation survey equipment is being used to collect and map radiological data along approximately 175 road allowances and laneways in Port Hope as part of the Property Radiological Survey currently underway. Amec Foster Wheeler has deployed three versions of its advanced Orion ScanPlotSM overland radiation survey system to conduct the work on behalf of the Port Hope Area Initiative Management Office.

Road-allowance-equipment_collageThe road trailer is towed behind an all-terrain utility vehicle and used to collect data in large, open or paved areas such as roads, shoulders and laneways. The push cart, similar in appearance to a jogging stroller, is used in smaller or more difficult-to-reach areas that cannot be readily accessed by the road trailer. Additionally, a technician equipped with the system in a backpack can collect data by walking through areas where wheeled vehicles cannot travel. 

ScanPlotSM combines highly sensitive gamma radiation detectors with survey-grade GPS receivers. The radiological data is processed by an on-board computer to produce spatial mapping used to indicate the locations of historic low-level radioactive waste.

For more information on the PHAI road allowance, click here.

November 3, 2015