Safety Enhancements in the Highland Drive Area

Highland Dr enhancementThrough the Port Hope Area Initiative (PHAI), Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL)
is responsible for the safe cleanup of historic low-level radioactive waste located in Port Hope.

This summer, to allow CNL to ensure safety as it prepares AECL project lands in the Highland Drive Landfill area for construction, public access to these lands will end.

Please note that:
•    As of July 1, 2017, there will be no public access to:
      -    Brewer’s Pond. The pond will be fenced.

•    As of August 1, 2017, there will be no public access to:
      - The gravel roadway that runs from CNL’s temporary waste storage areas to
         Cavan Street, as well as the gravel laneway that extends from it.
      - Unofficial walking paths in the Highland Drive area that join Municipality of
         Port Hope walking trails in the nearby ravines. Access to existing municipal
         trail systems will not be affected.

•    Gates and fences will be installed and signs will be posted to indicate where access is being restricted.

CNL is committed to the safety of the public, its workers and the environment while undertaking the PHAI, a community recommended solution to a longstanding environmental issue.

For more information, contact the PHAI at:
115 Toronto Road, Port Hope, ON L1A 3S4 • 905.885.0291 •

June 15, 2017