Second-last round of PHAI testing begins this summer

Port Hope, Ont. (June 27, 2016) – Testing will begin at 1,250 Port Hope properties this summer, as the second-last campaign of the Port Hope Area Initiative (PHAI) Property Radiological Survey gets underway. Since March, the PHAI has been encouraging all property owners who received access consent forms to sign and return the forms so they don’t miss out on the testing, which is being undertaken at no cost to owners.

Approximately 4,000 property owners are already participating in some aspect of the radiological survey, which will test every property in urban Port Hope and a select few in the rural area for the presence of historic low-level radioactive waste. So far, the PHAI has issued about 400 compliance letters, assuring those owners that the testing indicated their properties already meet PHAI Clean-up Criteria and require no further investigations or radiological oversight.   

“The testing is a pivotal first step toward receiving a compliance letter,” said Craig Hebert, PHAI Management Office General Manager. “I encourage all property owners, even those who don’t think their property has historic waste, to return their signed consent forms. As important as it is to confirm where waste is, it’s equally important to confirm where it isn’t.”  

Having a compliance letter is significant, especially if the owner plans to sell or bequeath the property at any time, explained Hebert. “We expect to be able to issue compliance letters for over 90% of properties once they’ve been tested. Properties that do not initially meet PHAI Clean-up Criteria will be remediated – also at no cost to the owner – after which a compliance letter will be issued.”

The survey is being carried out in five campaigns. This summer, a contractor working on behalf of the PHAI’s Port Hope Project will conduct radon monitoring, the first of four radiological tests, at 1,250 Campaign 4 properties and fieldwork – exterior and interior gamma surveys and borehole drilling/soil sampling – at 1,450 Campaign 3 properties where radon monitoring is complete. Clean-up work is scheduled to begin in 2018, when the Port Hope Project long-term waste management facility, currently under construction, is ready to receive waste.


Campaign 1 - Complete: All testing at the first 430 properties is complete. Compliance letters have been issued to approximately 400 properties. Design work to plan the cleanup and restoration of the remaining properties, which have been identified as having historic low-level radioactive waste, is scheduled to begin this summer.

Campaign 2 - Radon Monitoring Complete:
Fieldwork is underway at the 800 properties in this campaign and involves interior and exterior gamma radiation scans and borehole drilling/soil sampling.
Campaign 3 - Radon Monitoring Complete: A total of 1,450 properties have been tested for radon, and the results provided to the property owners. The remaining tests are scheduled to begin this fall.

Campaign 4 - Consent Forms Required: Consent forms and information packages have been sent to 1,250 property owners. Radon monitoring is scheduled to begin in late summer.

Campaign 5 - Under Development

June 27, 2016