Students learn about the PHAI projects

Information about the Port Hope Area Initiative (PHAI) is being incorporated into the lesson plans of local and regional educators because of the project’s comprehensive environmental monitoring programs and the access it provides to subject matter experts in a wide range of science and technology fields.

PHAI_Fleming_presentProject benefits, environmental monitoring and career opportunities were topics covered in a special lecture given by PHAI staff to approximately 80 third-year Environmental Technician Program students at Fleming College’s Frost Campus in Lindsay this spring. The talk highlighted the PHAI as a local example of the subjects the students had been studying throughout the semester.

“The PHAI is a natural correlation for environmental science programs because it’s a real example of practical application of the theory students learn and talk about in the classroom,” said Marty Kapitan, manager, PHAI legal agreement programs. “Students get a better understanding about the projects and potential career paths in environmental science.”  

During a visit to Port Hope High School’s Grade 11 and 12 Environmental Science class in June, PHAI staff gave an overview of the Port Hope Project. Students learned the history of the historic low-level radioactive waste in the community and how it will be cleaned up, safely transported and stored at future long-term waste management facility.
PHP_Highland_North_monitorsPHAI environmental technicians provided a demonstration of how groundwater wells are monitored, giving the students a first-hand look at how environmental monitoring is conducted in the field.