As part of the Port Hope Area Initiative (PHAI), Balterre Contracting - Norway Asphalt Joint Venture will be upgrading road segments throughout the Municipality of Port Hope starting the week of July 10 and continuing until mid August. These upgrades will include resurfacing and/or repaving.

No road closures are planned, but there may be brief lane closures in the following areas:

  • Rose Glen Road Extension – from 150 metres east of Phillips Road to Croft Street
  • Croft Street – from Rose Glen Road North to Hamilton Road
  • Hamilton Road – from Croft Street to Peter Street
  • Hope Street South – from Dorset Street East to Lake Street
  • Dorset Street East – from Hope Street South to King Street
  • Robertson Street – from Mill Street South to Queen Street
  • Queen Street – from Robertson Street to Hayward Street
  • Hayward Street – from Queen Street to Choate Street
  • Choate Street – from Hayward Street to Marsh Street
  • Gifford Street – from Pine Street South to Thomas Street
  • Victoria Street South – from Strachan Street to Ridout Street
  • Cavan Street – from Highland Drive to 300 metres north of Highland Drive

This work is being undertaken as part of the PHAI’s commitment to ensure road conditions are safe for the increase in project truck traffic along dedicated transportation routes, which will begin in 2018.  

For more information, contact the PHAI at:
115 Toronto Road, Port Hope, ON L1A 3S4 • 905.885.0291 •

May 16, 2017