Why is it important to participate in the Property Radiological Survey Program?

Post-it_Radon-testingThe Port Hope Area Initiative (PHAI) Property Radiological Survey is testing every property in urban Port Hope (Ward 1) and a few properties in rural Ward 2 over the next four years – approximately 5,000 properties. The radiological testing will enable the PHAI to determine if there is historic low-level radioactive waste on a property so it can be cleaned up.

Ninety per cent of properties are not expected to require a cleanup. In these cases, the owner will receive a Compliance Letter when all testing and reports have been completed. This will eliminate the need for construction monitoring when undertaking home construction projects or applying for a building permit. A Radiological Status Letter will no longer be required when selling the property.

In cases where low-level radioactive waste is identified at a property, the PHAI will conduct a cleanup once the long-term waste management facility is ready to receive the waste. Compliance Letters will be issued once the cleanup has been completed.

Visit the Project Information Exchange at 115 Toronto Road, Port Hope, call 905.885.0291 or click here.