2016 Port Granby Project Public Attitude Survey

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Based on instruments previously used for this survey project, CCI Research and the PHAI prepared an updated survey instrument that was designed to both build on the knowledge gained from previous surveys, as well as address emerging issues as the Port Granby Project evolves in Phase 2 construction and remediation. The full survey instrument is presented in Appendix A of the survey report.

The survey instrument was formatted as a paper booklet designed for self-completion, as well as a corresponding online survey for area property owners who preferred to complete their survey online. Property owners were also given the option to call a toll-free number to complete their survey by telephone interview. No names or other identifying information were required on the survey. A survey zone code was included based on geography and did not identify respondents personally.

In order to contact area property owners to complete the survey, the PHAI obtained from the Municipality of Clarington the mailing addresses for all properties in the study area closest to the existing and proposed facilities within the boundaries of: 

  • Southern – Lake Ontario
  • Western – Mill St. and Morgans Road
  • Northern – Highway 401 to Morgans Road, north to Concession Rd 4, east to McCullough Rd, south to Concession Rd 3, east to 4th Line and along 4th Line
  • Eastern – Morrish Church Rd and Wesleyville Rd


The area was divided into multiple zones within southeast Clarington and a small area of southwest Port Hope as presented in the following maps. For the purposes of this study, property owners in Zone 3 are considered to be located in the “Close Zone,” which is nearest to the Port Granby Project site, while those in all other areas are collectively considered to be located in the “Far Zone,” which includes those zones in Clarington and southwest Port Hope that are located farther away from the Port Granby Project site.

Once duplicate and business property owners were identified and removed from the files, a total of 671 addresses were deemed eligible for the survey.

A total of 171 completed surveys were returned by December 19, 2016. Of the 171 total completed surveys, 141 paper surveys were returned by letter mail, 27 surveys were completed online, and three surveys were completed by telephone. Thirty-five of the returned surveys were from those in the Close Zone, while 136 were from those in the Far Zone (see Table 3-1 of the report).

Overall Age Demographics


A breakdown of the age, gender and residence location of survey respondents is shown in Table 5-1 in the survey report and reproduced at right.


Survey Report

The report presents the findings for the 2016 Port Granby Project Public Attitude Survey, and where applicable, compares the results to those from similar previous surveys conducted from 2002-2011.

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For a copy of the complete report, please contact us at info@phai.ca or 905.885.0291.