2016 Port Hope Project Public Attitude Survey

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In order to complete the Port Hope Project Public Attitude Survey, a random-digit dial (RDD) landline telephone list-assisted sample of 7,943 landline telephone numbers respective of the Census Subdivision (CSD) of Port Hope was obtained. Of interest in this study was a comparison of results for Urban Ward and Rural Ward within Port Hope, and therefore information about ward of residence was collected as part of the survey for each interview.

Only adult residents 18 years of age or older qualified for the survey. In recognition that telephone surveys often tend to under-represent younger people and males, age and gender quotas were set within each ward in order to monitor demographic information as part of efforts to achieve reasonable age and gender representation to be approximately consistent with demographic information for the CSD of Port Hope as available through Statistics Canada. Therefore, information about respondents’ ward of residence, gender, and age were collected at the start of the survey and used to determine eligibility for the survey once the quotas began to be fulfilled.

This year, cell phone calling was introduced in an attempt to get a more accurate representation of the community. For this purpose, a random-digit dial (RDD) sample of 6,720 cell phone numbers respective of the nearest cell phone billing centre (Cobourg) was obtained.

Trained and supervised telephone interviewers administered the survey using the telephone samples. The 2016 survey contained 37 questions, including six open-ended questions. On average, the survey took approximately 18 minutes to complete for those contacted by landline and approximately 19 minutes to complete for those contacted by cell phone. A copy of the questionnaire is included in Appendix A of the survey report.

Overall Age DemographicsPH-PAS-Table-3-3

A comparison of age demographics for survey respondents with Statistics Canada data for Port Hope is shown in Table 3-3 in the survey report and reproduced at right.


Survey Report

The report presents the findings for the 2016 Port Hope Project Public Attitude Survey and, where applicable, compares the results to those from similar project surveys conducted from 2002 to 2014.

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For a copy of the complete report, please contact the PHAI at info@phai.ca or 905.885.0291.