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Port Hope Area Initiative
Dust Management Plan
Dust Management Requirements & Plan

Port Hope Project Fact Sheets

Soil Contaminants

Port Hope Waste Water Treatment Plant

Property Radiological Status and Compliance Letter


Resident's Guide to the Property Radiological Survey

Small-Scale Sites: From Consent to Compliance

Understanding the Property Radiological Survey

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Port Hope Project
Key Sites and transportation Routes / Safely Transporting Waste
Future facility site / Aboveground mound cross-section
Waterfront area
Highland Drive area
Strachan Street Ravine / Lions Centre Park
Port Hope Project Noise Impact Assessment Update
Naturally occurring elevated radon Fact Sheet
Monitoring the Natural Environment – Port Hope
Overview of the Health Synthesis Report

Port Granby Project Fact Sheets

Port Granby Project Waste Water Treatment Plant 

What is the Port Granby Project?

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Nature of the Waste
Project Features
Port Granby Project Long-Term Waste Management Facility Construction & Remediation Contract
Traffic Management
Monitoring the Natural Environment – Port Granby
Land Use & Visual Setting – Port Granby

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July 26, 2017