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Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) is committed to providing the public with up-to-date information about current and planned PHAI activities. Through our Public Information Program, CNL regularly shares information and project updates with the Port Hope and Port Granby communities and encourages public input.

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CNL Licence Applications – PHAI

Current CNL licensing activities for the PHAI include applications for a one-year extension of the Port Granby licence and a 10-year renewal of the Port Hope licence.

CNL has also applied to the CNSC for an amendment to the PHAI Cleanup Criteria for the Port Hope Project.

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Port Granby Project Waste Nuclear Substance Licence 2021 

(Application for one-year extension)

Port Hope Project Waste Nuclear Substance Licence 2022

(10-year renewal/consolidation with PGP licence for long-term monitoring)

Amendment to PHAI Cleanup Criteria 2022/23

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May 5, 2021