Long-Term Waste Management Facility - Port Granby Project


The Port Granby Project includes construction of an engineered aboveground mound to isolate the waste from the environment using a multi-layered baseliner and cover system. Monitoring systems are installed within the mound and around the perimeter of the long-term waste management facility site. Historic low-level radioactive waste and contaminated soils are excavated from the existing site and transported safely to the new facility via a dedicated internal road. PGP-overpass_2016An underpass has been constructed under Lakeshore Road so that no waste travels on public roadways.

Other important project components include the construction of a waste water treatment plant – which meets stringent Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission requirements for effluent discharge into Lake Ontario – and roadway improvements, including upgrading of Elliott Road (completed in 2012), to permit clean construction material to travel to the site with minimal disruption to the community.

Port Granby Project Engineered Aboveground Mound


The multi-component cover system will reduce surface water infiltration through the waste, provide protection of the mound from inadvertent intrusion into the waste, and reduce levels of gamma radiation on the surface of the mound to background levels. The cover will be approximately 2.75 m thick and will include a capillary drainage layer system that will provide additional protection against moisture infiltration into the waste.

Construction of the engineered aboveground mound, remediation of the existing waste site with transportation and emplacement of the waste in the new facility are expected to be complete by the end of 2020.


January 10, 2017