About the Port Granby Project

The Port Granby Project is a federal government undertaking for the safe, long-term management of historic low-level radioactive waste situated at the south-eastern boundary of the Municipality of Clarington. The project is relocating approximately 450,000 cubic metres of historic low-level radioactive waste and marginally contaminated soils, located at an existing waste management facility on the shoreline of Lake Ontario, to a new, engineered aboveground mound being built about a kilometre north of the current site.

The waste resulted from the former radium and uranium What-is-the-PGP_WEB-1refining operations of Eldorado Nuclear in Port Hope and was deposited at the Port Granby site beginning in 1955 until the facility was closed in 1988. The project includes construction of an engineered aboveground mound to isolate the waste from the environment and a dedicated waste water treatment plant. Only historic waste currently located in Clarington will be managed at the Port Granby long-term waste management facility.

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April 9, 2018