About the Port Hope Project

The Port Hope Project involves the cleanup of approximately 1.2 million cubic metres of historic low-level radioactive waste from various sites in Port Hope, the construction of an engineered aboveground mound where the waste will be safely contained, and the long-term monitoring and maintenance of the new waste management facility.

The site of the new facility is an existing, closed low-level radioactive waste management facility located south of Highway 401 and west of Baulch Road in the Municipality of Port Hope. Waste at the existing site is being excavated and placed in the new mound.

Other historic low-level radioactive waste – primarily soil contaminated with residue ore from the former radium and uranium refining activities of Eldorado Nuclear — and specified industrial waste from various sites in urban Port Hope will be removed and safely transported to the new facility.

Through its Historic Waste Program Management Office (HWP MO), Canadian Nuclear Laboratories is implementing the Port Hope Project on behalf of Atomic Energy of Canada Limited, a federal Crown corporation.

April 9, 2018