Current and Upcoming Work - Port Hope Project

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Current Work

Waterworks East

Road Work

Harbour Remediation

Baulch Road

Continuing Road Allowance Work

Long-Term Waste Management Facility construction

Property Radiological Survey

Here is an update on all the campaigns:

Campaign 1 – Design Phase

    Remediation and restoration designs have been developed and discussions are underway with the owners of the approximately 45 properties that require a cleanup of historic low-level radioactive waste (LLRW).

    Campaign 2 – Radiological Results and Design

      Surveying is complete and results are being reviewed. Owners of properties that do not meet the criteria and/or have non-LLRW contaminants above applicable criteria are being notified by letter.  Those properties where waste has been identified are moving to the design phase of the project.

      Campaign 3 – Radiological Results

        Surveying is complete. Compliance Letters are on hold until entire neighbourhoods have been tested. Updated Radiological Status Letters will be issued as a temporary measure until Compliance Letters are available. Where LLRW and/or non-LLRW contaminants has been detected, CNL is issuing Notification Letters, prior to moving properties into the design phase.

        Campaign 4 – Fieldwork

          Interior and exterior gamma radiation scans and borehole drilling/soil sampling are ongoing.

          Campaign 5 – Radon Monitoring

          Radon monitors have been in place for six months and are now being collected; radon monitoring results are expected to be mailed to property owners later this summer or early fall.

          September 30, 2019