Nature of the Waste – Port Hope Project


The Port Hope Project involves the cleanup of approximately 1.2 million cubic metres of historic low-level radioactive waste from various sites in Port Hope. The waste is a consequence of past practices involving the refining of radium and uranium by a former federal Crown corporation, Eldorado Nuclear Limited, and its private-sector predecessors.

The waste is located at the Welcome Waste Management Facility, which has been closed since 1955, and at various locations throughout the urban area of the municipality.

The project involves the construction of a Long-Term Waste Management Facility (LTWMF) at the site of the closed low-level radioactive waste management facility in the Municipality of Port Hope, south of Highway 401 between Brand Road and Baulch Road.

Description of the Waste

Low-Level Radioactive Waste (LLRW)

  • Mostly contaminated soil and rocks stored in consolidation sites and buried on private properties

  • Contaminated recycled building materials on public and private properties

  • Contaminated sediment in the harbour

Industrial Waste

  • Soil contaminated with metals, boron, hydrocarbons, dried sewage sludge, sludge/soil with copper and polychlorinated biphenyl (PCBs)

  • Material will be transported to project Long-Term Waste Management Facility or commercial facilities in other Ontario locations

Locations of the Waste

Port Hope Project Sites
Port Hope Project Small-Scale Sites

The Port Hope Project is regulated through a Waste Nuclear Substance Licence issued to Canadian Nuclear Laboratories by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission.

Under this licence, strict site safety, security, radiation protection, environmental protection, as well as occupational health and safety protocols are in place to minimize risks to the public, workers and the environment. Learn more about our safety programs

June 26, 2018