Long-Term Waste Management Facility - Port Hope

The Port Hope Project involves the construction of a new Long-Term Waste Management Facility (LTWMF) at the site of an existing, closed low-level radioactive waste management facility located in the Municipality of Port Hope, south of Highway 401 between Brand Road and Baulch Road. The facility provides safe, long-term storage for the approximately 1.2 million cubic metres of historic low-level radioactive waste being cleaned up in the community as part of the Port Hope Project. Approximately 450,000 cubic metres of that waste is already located at the existing waste management facility, within the boundaries of the new facility site, and is being relocated to the aboveground engineered mound as part of the cleanup.

Facility Site


The LTWMF site includes a new waste water treatment plant completed in 2016, an aboveground engineered storage mound under construction (with Cell 1 already completed) and supporting infrastructure under construction.  

Waste Water Treatment Plant

Click here for more information about the new waste water treatment plant.


Engineered Aboveground Mound

The highly engineered aboveground mound has been designed to isolate the historic low-level radioactive waste by securely encasing it on the top, bottom and sides with thick, multiple layers of natural and specially manufactured materials. These layers form components of the cover and baseliner that, independently, are robust enough to prevent contaminants from entering the environment. Together, they function as multiple back-up safety systems.

The mound has a capacity of approximately two million cubic metres of waste (including contingencies and daily clean soil cover materials). Systems will be installed within and around the mound that will monitor it for hundreds of years. Visual inspections and monitoring of the collection system for contaminated water (leachate) will confirm the effectiveness of the cover system. Sensors in both the cover and the baseliner will monitor performance, while groundwater quality will be monitored through ongoing testing of specially designed wells surrounding the base.


Visualization of the completed Port Hope Waste Management Facility


Support Infrastructure

Support buildings and infrastructure will accommodate the staff and equipment required for the management, operation and ongoing supervision of the site for the life of the project. These include a decontamination facility for all equipment, vehicles and personnel leaving the facility, weigh scale, security office and facility operations centre.


April 9, 2018