Schedule and Budget - Port Hope Project


The Port Hope Project schedule shows the expected timing and duration of all major project activities, such as the construction of the engineered aboveground mound, the Property Radiological Survey of 4,800 Port Hope properties, the cleanup and restoration of sites, and the capping and closing of the mound once the cleanup is complete. The current schedule is effective March 2018 and takes into account the increase in the number of residential properties (currently trending toward 800), as identified by Property Radiological Survey, that will require remediation to meet PHAI Clean-up Criteria. The schedule will be updated to reflect notable changes, if any, as the work progresses.

PHAI Phase 2 Budget 2019 09 11

The funding for Phase 2 of the PHAI, as announced by Natural Resources Canada in 2012, is $1.28 billion over 10 years to complete the Port Hope and Port Granby projects.

Most of this funding is budgeted for contracts to undertake radiological investigations, construct the long-term waste management facilities, remediate waste sites and transport the waste to the new facilities. These third-party contracts result in significant economic benefits to the region in the form of sub-contracting services and supplies.

September 4, 2018