Strachan Street Ravine


  • 3,500 m3 historic low-level radioactive waste
  • Waste deposited in the  ravine by Eldorado Nuclear Limited in keeping with disposal practices of the 1930s and 1940s
  • Consolidated against the roadbed under clean shielding in the 1980s


Strachan Ravine Consolidation Site Details

  • Originally contaminated area was a steep ravine into which contaminated soils had been placed by end dumping
  • In 1988, waste throughout the ravine was consolidated into a mound on the north bank of the ravine
  • Site is currently secured with a low fence with signs noting its use as a LLRW storage site
  • LLRW consists of silty sand, gravel, organic material (including tree stumps), black and white ashy material, scrap metal, bricks, bottles, cinders, crockery, and chemical residues

Remediation/Restoration Plans

  • Geomembrane cover will be cut, progressively exposing sections of LLRW to be excavated.
  • The waste will travel along the Central Transportation Route to the Long-Term Waste Management Facility
  • When the remediation and verification process is complete, the site will be backfilled in a series of lifts extending from the bottom of the ravine up the slope to Strachan Street
  • Fencing will be removed and  top soil and grass will complete the restoration


Special Considerations

  • Since the site is currently subject to a license under the Nuclear Safety and Control Act, regulatory administrative procedures will be carried out in association with site remediation to allow the site to be relieved of the license
March 29, 2018