Campaign 5 – the last campaign in the Property Radiological Survey – is now underway. Here is an update on all the campaigns:

Campaign 1 – Design

Surveying is complete; remediation and restoration designs are being developed and discussed with the owners of the approximately 45 properties in this campaign that will require a cleanup of historic low-level radioactive waste (LLRW).

Campaign 2 – Radiological Results

Surveying is complete; Compliance Letters are being issued to owners whose properties meet PHAI Clean-up Criteria; owners of properties that do not meet that criteria and/or have non-LLRW contaminants above applicable criteria are being notified by letter. 

Campaign 3 – Fieldwork

Interior and exterior gamma radiation scans and borehole drilling/soil sampling are ongoing.

Campaign 4 – Radon Monitoring

Radon monitors have been in place for six months and are now being collected; radon monitoring results are expected to be mailed to property owners this summer.

Campaign 5 – Consent Agreements

Consent packages have been mailed to property owners; radon monitoring is set to begin mid-summer. Please return your signed consent and schedule forms as soon as possible so we can schedule radon monitor placement.

February 7, 2017