Steps in designing a radiological cleanup for a property

Step 1

The PHAI provides the results of the Property Radiological Survey to the design consultant.

Step 2

The consultant schedules appointments with owners to map the property’s key features, utilities and landscaping.

Step 3

To determine the best approach to the cleanup of a property, the consultant first considers the individual property, then the adjacent properties, and finally the overall area. Whenever possible, cleanups will take place on a neighbourhood-by-neighbourhood basis to minimize disruption to the community.

Step 4

The consultant combines the information in a package – known as the Remediation and Restoration Agreement – and presents it to the property owner. The package provides the owner with a detailed description of the proposed work.

Step 5

Once the Remediation and Restoration Agreement is finalized and signed, and the new long-term waste management facility is ready to receive waste, the cleanups begin. It is anticipated that remediation activities at the first group of properties will start in 2018.

March 7, 2017