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June 18, 2021

Birds at work

During bird nesting season, staff and contractors working on PHAI sites are on high alert for hard working mother birds.

Environmental technicians survey PHAI work sites routinely for any potential impacts to the natural environment. In particular, they are always on the lookout for flora or fauna that may be affected by cleanup and or restoration tasks. Any potential area where birds may have laid their eggs is fully investigated to avoid disturbances during work.

The Centre Pier is one area that is fertile ground for nesting birds, specifically Canada Geese who are often spotted in droves at the waterfront. During this season, work is paused or modified to avoid nesting birds.

“Once we identify an active nest, we give the birds the time they need to properly care for their young,” said Carrie-Ann Bray, Environmental Compliance Officer working on the waterfront sites.

This year it meant avoiding a direct haul route on the pier for a few weeks. CNL’s contractor observed a goose preparing a nest along the haul route and immediately cordoned off the area and safely avoid the nesting mother goose and eventually, her goslings. The road was not re-opened until the family had moved on.

“We have also spotted some ground hogs or gophers and even bees on the Centre Pier.  We ensure we are giving them the space they need and work around their habitat,” added Bray.

There have also been sightings of a snowy owl and a fox in that area, both have moved on.

“Routine environmental site inspections are a priority task and even with reduced numbers of workers on site due to COVID restrictions, we have ensured that all necessary safety protocols are in place so that we can continue to perform this essential task,” said Bray.

Environmental monitoring is a key part of PHAI activities and provides assurance that human health as well as wildlife and the environment is being protected.

See here for more information on our environmental protection plan.

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