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Aerial view of Port Granby LTWMF

These layers form components of the cover and baseliner that, independently, are robust enough to prevent contaminants from entering the environment. Together, they function as multiple back-up safety systems.

The multi-component cover system is approximately 2.75 m thick and reduces surface water infiltration through the waste, provides protection of the mound from inadvertent intrusion into the waste, and reduces levels of gamma radiation on the surface of the mound to background levels.

Monitoring systems are installed within the mound and around the perimeter of the long-term waste management facility site.

Port Granby Waste Water Treatment Plant

Equipped with best available technologies to treat waste water, the new plant went into operation in October 2016, prior to starting cleanup activities at the former waste management facility.

The advanced treatment technology ensures the quality of water being discharged into Lake Ontario meets stringent Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission requirements.

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