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Living in
Port Hope

The Port Hope Project is taking place 100 kilometres east of Toronto, Ontario, in a vibrant, populated urban community and an agricultural rural area.

Picturesque Port Hope is a vibrant, active community, well known for its award-winning heritage downtown and friendly, small-town character. It’s also a healthy community where people live, work and play – and families raise their children – just like anywhere else.

If you are thinking about moving to Port Hope or would just like to learn more about the historic low- level radioactive waste cleanup, a vast amount of information is available.

Like many other Canadian towns, Port Hope has a rich history of industry which left behind environmental waste. The difference in this town is that Port Hope is actively solving an environmental problem with a community-requested plan.

Numerous health studies have been conducted over the past several decades and all point to one conclusion – Port Hope is as safe as anywhere else in Canada.

In June, 2009, The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission published a report that integrates the results and conclusions of 40 Port Hope health studies conducted over the years. The CANADIAN NUCLEAR SAFETY COMMISSION (CNSC) SYNTHESIS REPORT: Understanding Health Studies and Risk Assessments Conducted in the Port Hope Community from the 1950s to the Present, drew some very comforting and definitive conclusions including:

“Residents of Port Hope are just as likely to live safe and healthy lives as people in any other communities in Ontario or Canada. No adverse health effects have occured or are likely to occur as a result of the operations of the nuclear industry in the town.

 The estimated intakes of uranium in Port Hope are from 0.6 to 3.2 ug/day. These values are comparable to the Ontario average and are only about 1/10 of the tolerable daily intake value recommended by the World Health Organization, whose established limits are considerably more restrictive than those of other organizations.

 Risk assessments conducted in Port Hope indicate that elevated uranium concentrations in some of the region’s soils pose no risk to Port Hope residents’ health.”

Get the facts

The PHAI Project Information Office is a good place to gather information and talk with knowledgeable staff about the project including:

  • The location of cleanup sites and designated project transportation routes
  • How the contaminated soil will be excavated and transported safely
  • How dust will be minimized and monitored, and how monitoring results will be made publicly available
  • How the Property Value Protection Program offers compensation to eligible property owners if they experience a loss that is directly attributable to the project in the sale or rental of their property
  • How ongoing environmental monitoring and other interim waste management programs are designed to ensure that the waste is managed safely until the cleanup is completed.

Contact us at the Project Information Office at 25 Henderson Street, Port Hope, call us at 905.885.0291 or email general inquiries to [email protected] and PVP inquiries to [email protected].

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