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Safely Transporting Waste

Trucks carrying waste to the new long-term waste management facility will use three designated transportation routes, selected to minimize the impact of truck traffic on the community and the environment. The routes use existing truck routes and Highway 401 as much as possible to access the facility and avoid schools, residential neighbourhoods and stream crossings

Trucks are carefully loaded at the work site. To prevent spillage, trucks are not overloaded, and a specially fitted tarpaulin extends down the sides and be fastened, securely covering the load.

Strict controls ensure no truck is released from a work site until it is confirmed clean. The cab, wheels and tires are monitored for radiation. Trucks are cleaned, if necessary, and a technician measures the gamma radiation field to make sure it meets regulations for public safety. Information about each truck including licence plate number, driver’s name, date, times of departure and arrival, and quantity of material loaded and unloaded is documented to account for every shipment.

All PHAI project trucks are easily identifiable with a phone number clearly displayed.