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Access to Information

As a result of the presence of historic low-level radioactive waste within the Municipality of Port Hope, it is important that you know the radiological status of your property when undertaking renovations, excavations or demolitions and/or selling your property.

Through the Port Hope Area Initiative (PHAI) Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) provides property radiological information to Port Hope property owners, in the form of either Radiological Status Letter or Compliance letter.

Radiological Status Letter

A Radiological Status Letter (RSL) is available for urban Port Hope properties and a select few rural properties to provide a summary of the current radiological information contained in the property files managed by CNL. The RSL summarizes the results of radiological investigations and remediation activities that have been carried out at the property over the years.

CNL responds to inquiries about the radiological status of Port Hope properties, provides RSLs to property owners and answers questions property owners have about their RSL and property file.

Request a Radiological Status Letter for your property


Compliance Letter

A Compliance Letter confirms that a property meets the PHAI Cleanup Criteria. The PHAI Property Radiological Survey is testing all urban and a few rural Port Hope properties for the presence or absence of historic low-level radioactive waste. In cases where historic low-level radioactive waste is found, the PHAI will remediate the property, at no cost to the owner.

Once remediation is complete in a neighbourhood and the property and surrounding properties meet PHAI Clean-up Criteria, a Compliance Letter will be issued to property owners.


Access to Information

The Access to Information Act gives Canadian citizens, permanent residents, individuals present in Canada and corporations located in Canada the right of access to information relating to Atomic Energy of Canada Limited’s (AECL) general administration and operations relating to the Port Hope Area Initiative.

Learn more about AECL Access to Information.