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Public Information Program

The Port Hope Area Initiative (PHAI) Public Information Program (PIP) sets out the protocol for ongoing, timely and accurate public and stakeholder communication about the activities of the PHAI. It is reviewed and updated as necessary while the PHAI is being implemented to ensure it continues to provide appropriate direction.


The program supports the Port Hope Project Waste Nuclear Substance Licence and Port Granby Project Waste Nuclear Substance Licence issued to CNL by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) and is guided by CNSC regulatory document REGDOC-3.2.1 Public Information and Disclosure.

CNL recognizes Indigenous communications and engagement as a critical component of the Port Hope Area Initiative and acknowledges the continued need for open, honest, and transparent communication and engagement with rights holders and interest holders. Historically, the PHAI PIP has included Indigenous communities and organizations as a target audience. In alignment with the objective to advance reconciliation through meaningful actions and moving toward increased inclusion and participation, CNL is developing a separate PHAI program for engagement with Indigenous communities and organizations that will reflect our commitment to recognizing Indigenous rights and interests as we continue to build relationships with First Nations and Métis communities through ongoing learning about their values and interests.

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PHAI Project Communications and Engagement

CNL uses targeted initiatives to engage our host communities and keep local residents, business owners and visitors up to date on the day-to-day impact of project activities.

In Port Hope, CNL hosts public information sessions, targeted focus groups and opportunities to observe remediation activities. Neighbourhood meetings and direct notifications are provided for community members who are directly impacted by project-related activities.

With the Port Granby Project now complete, any updates are provided on this website, through PHAI social media feeds, and in occasional project newsletters. We also work with the Port Granby Discussion Group members to provide information to the community and receive feedback about CNL communications efforts.

Monitoring Public Opinion

CNL monitors and analyzes public opinion, including social media and media coverage to monitor and analyze community and public views, opinions and concerns related to the PHAI projects, programs and supporting activities.

Public Attitude Surveys

CNL commissions periodic public attitude research to monitor area residents’ level of knowledge and awareness about the cleanup of historic, low-level radioactive waste and PHAI projects, identify issues and concerns, determine the communication needs of the public and provide data regarding public attitudes and preferences.

The most recent Port Hope Project and Port Granby Project surveys were conducted in fall 2018 by an independent research firm, CCI Research Inc.

2018 Port Hope Project Public Attitude Survey

2018 Port Granby Project Public Attitude Survey

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