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October 10, 2018

CNL marks Fire Prevention Week October 7 to 13

Staff of CNL’s Historic Waste Program Management Office will be hosting a few events to mark Fire Prevention Week in Canada this year during October 7 to 13. Safety continues to be a priority for CNL, with staff being reminded through the theme of this year’s campaign that fires can happen anywhere.

Through a series of updates, staff are being encouraged to Look for places fire can start; Listen for the sound of the smoke alarm; and Learn two ways out of each room.

“People often take safety for granted and are not aware of the risk of fire,” said John Saunders, CNL’s Emergency Preparedness Officer. “Paying attention to your surroundings, looking for available exits in the event of a fire or other emergency, and taking smoke alarms seriously can make a potentially life-saving difference in a fire or other emergency situation.”

This year’s Fire Prevention Week messages apply to work and home. Four out of five fire-related deaths are from house fires.

Here are some fire prevention tips for work and home:


  • If you use a space heater, ensure there is nothing flammable close to it. They must be unplugged at the end of day or when leaving your office for long periods of time.
  • Pay attention to your extension cords.  Ensure they are not pinched or have any damage to the insulation.


  • Never leave the stovetop unattended when the element(s) are turned on.
  • Keep your cooking appliances free of crumbs, spills, etc.  Clean out your toasters and toaster ovens.
  • Turn pot handles to the sides so they are not hanging over the front edge of the stove.


  • Never leave a burning candle unattended.
  • Keep the wick short (3 cms max)
  • Ensure the candle is on a flat non-flammable surface (e.g. glass jar, ceramic plate)
  • Consider using electric tea light candles as a safer alternative.

While fires can and do happen, there are important steps people can take to remain safe.

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