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May 30, 2022

Designed with you in mind

Have you checked out our new website? Our new Port Hope Area Initiative website, launched earlier this year, now offers easier-to-find information about the Port Hope and Port Granby Projects.  With one click, you can find details on how work will be performed on your property, if you need a cleanup; learn more about the cleanup of historic low-level radioactive waste in the community; check out active and remediated sites around town; and request a Radiological Status Letter.

CNL encourages property owners in Port Hope to participate in the radiological testing to determine whether or not their property has waste. A number of properties throughout Port Hope will require a cleanup and restoration at no cost to the property owner. Read more about the testing, remediation and restoration process here.

Our new interactive Project Sites map lets you select which area of town you want information on. In addition to the residential properties known as small-scale sites, there are other sites identified as Major, Known and Industrial that all require a level of clean-up. Check them out along with Project Updates in this section.

Are you selling your property and want to provide your realtor with up-to-date radiological information on your property? Request a Radiological Status Letter (RSL) here. Interested purchasers are advised to request a copy of the RSL to make an informed decision prior to purchasing a property.

Misplaced that bulletin or newsletter? Looking for a fact sheet? Recent news and archived publications can be found along with Media Releases, Public Disclosures and our General Manager’s blog in this area.

The Port Granby mound is now capped and closed though restoration continues at the Long-Term Waste Management Facility. You can read about the cleanup of historic low-level radioactive waste at the south-eastern boundary of the Municipality of Clarington in this part of the website.

Our projects take place on the traditional land of Indigenous peoples dating back countless generations and the home and Williams Treaties territory of the Mississaugas of the region. CNL is grateful for the guidance received from representatives of the Williams Treaties First Nations on the Indigenous content now reflected in our website. CNL is solely responsible for all content.

As always, questions can be directed to our communications officers during regular business hours by calling 905.885.0291 or emailing We are also available through social media, on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Send us your feedback through the website on this page.

We’d love to hear from you!

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