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April 18, 2018

Fleming College students learn more about the PHAI

As part of a comprehensive Public Information Program, the PHAI has participated in a number of events with Fleming College this year beginning at the Fleming Career Fair in February where staff spoke with 75 students about employment opportunities at Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL).

In March, 30 students from Fleming’s Environmental Technician program visited Port Hope for a PHAI overview presentation, a demonstration of environmental monitoring equipment and an opportunity to speak with PHAI Environmental Technologists, many of whom are graduates of Fleming themselves, about transitioning from classroom to workplace and how they have applied the skills and knowledge they developed at school to their work. In April, staff visited the Frost Campus in Lindsay, speaking to 50 Environmental Technology students about the PHAI environmental monitoring program with a focus on air quality monitoring.

The PHAI welcomes the opportunity to speak with students of all ages and academic fields about project progress and the specialized knowledge, skills and technology involved in Canada’s largest environmental remediation project.

To request a PHAI presentation or workshop contact us at [email protected] or call 905.885.0291.

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