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December 20, 2021

Home for the holidays

Things are starting to get festive and we are all counting the days until the holidays are here. I recently took a walk through downtown Port Hope and enjoyed the decorated storefronts and the buzz of joyful activity. As I looked at the beautiful lights and all the décor, it brought to mind how safety is a part of all our activities. As happy as the holidays can be, they can unfortunately also be a dangerous time of year. As we take the time to relax and decompress, we must remain diligent about safety practices around the home. These are perhaps things that we already do and making safety a part of all our lives is the way to go.A few things to practice are:

  1. Always using a ladder or step stool when decorating for the holidays. Make sure it has slip resistant feet and always use three points of contact. Have a helper to spot you when using the ladder or hand you decorations.
  2. If choosing a live tree this year, keep it watered to remain green and fresh so it does not become a fire hazard. When choosing an artificial tree, pick one with a fire-resistant label. Make sure the base is sturdy to avoid tipping or falling over.
  3. When decorating your homes do not overuse extension cords, inspect all light strands before using and secure and choose decorations wisely. Choking hazards for pets or children should be considered and keep decorations away from heat sources.
  4. Remembering that space heaters are great for providing supplemental heat but must only be used in safe areas – at least four feet away from anything that can burn. Don’t use extension cords or plug heaters directly into the wall outlet.

This is my favorite holiday and I plan to spend it reflecting on the year, enjoying my loved ones, relaxing the best I can, and come back renewed, re-centered, and re-focused. As I do that I will remember those less fortunate. The local fare share food bank is accepting non-perishable or monetary donations. Your donation could make the difference to someone

Have a safe and happy holiday. I look forward to seeing everyone again in the New Year.

Stay focused and stay safe!

Mark Hughey

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