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June 26, 2024

It is a working summer

With temperatures rising and the long weekend on the horizon, here are a few safety reminders for both work and home. Summertime weather usually brings with it increased activity, home renovations, and trips. Whether you are hiking, biking, boating, or driving please prioritize personal and community safety.

In Port Hope, we are especially proud of increased PHAI activities in the community and the great work our staff and contract partners are accomplishing. While CNL is eager to complete all work on schedule, we are even more eager to do it safely on schedule, minimizing impacts as much as possible.

Please follow these safety practices as you navigate general construction and PHAI sites safely this summer and all year long. Staying informed, obeying signs and barriers and being mindful while you are driving are some of the easiest ways to keep you and your family safe.

Before heading out, take some time to familiarize yourself with areas undergoing construction. Port Hope has several roads closures for municipal and other work. Check the PHAI website, municipal websites, or social media for updates on road closures and projects in your area. Knowing what to expect can help you plan alternative routes and avoid detours.

Construction zones may require lane closures, reduced speed limits, and temporary traffic changes so note those when you are driving. Avoid distractions like texting or talking on the phone to ensure you’re fully focused and be prepared to adjust your speed and follow detour signs as needed.

Municipal or general construction sites are usually marked with signs. PHAI sites always have signage, construction fencing, and pylons to alert passersby of potential dangers. When traveling in the community pay attention, respect barriers, and follow any signs or instructions provided. Ignoring signs or attempting to pass barriers greatly increases your risk of injury so the best idea is to maintain a safe distance from the work area. Heavy equipment and vehicles may have limited visibility so stay alert and give workers plenty of space to complete their jobs safely.

As we all embrace the warmth and excitement of summer, I urge you to continue to play your part in making the community a safe place to live and work.

Enjoy the summer –

Scott Cameron

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