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November 22, 2021

Lakeshore Road Realigned

When the first truckloads of low-level radioactive waste (LLRW) were transported away from the shores of Lake Ontario in Port Granby on November 1, 2016, history was made. The event marked the solution to a long-standing environmental issue in the community. The waste was being placed in long-term storage at a newly constructed engineered above-ground mound at the Port Granby Long-Term Waste Management Facility, approximately 700 metres north from where the waste had been dumped.  

As part of an Environmental Assessment process that was undertaken for the project, a number of commitments were made to the community. One of these was that no waste was to travel on public roads. To facilitate that request, one section of Lakeshore Road between Elliott Road & Nichols Road would need to be upgraded to allow for the construction of a temporary underpass. Using box culverts to create an internal road, project trucks avoided the main road.

Agreement was arrived at with the Municipality of Clarington for this to be a temporary solution and that CNL would return the road to the original state once the project was complete.

Another project commitment was that each project truck would be tightly covered, scanned and weighed to keep track of the volume of waste moved and to measure radiation levels as they transported the waste.

In the end, over 1.3 million tonnes of historic low-level radioactive waste has been remediated. The final layers of topsoil and grass were placed on the storage mound in September 2021. Almost three years from the date the first load of waste was excavated, the temporary underpass has now been removed and Lakeshore Road returned to its original alignment. The materials used to create the box culverts and the underpass will be repurposed.

Phase 3 activities of the Port Granby Project, including replanting, are now underway. Inspection and monitoring of the mound as well as groundwater quality testing will continue for many years to come leaving behind a cleaner environment for future generations.

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