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April 04, 2018

PHAI cleanup in Port Hope community begins

The Port Hope Area Initiative (PHAI) cleanup of historic low-level radioactive waste in the Municipality of Port Hope is about to begin with the first truckloads of waste scheduled to be removed from the community and placed in long-term storage.

Beginning in April, and continuing through the spring/summer, historic waste at three locations in the community will be transported to the engineered aboveground mound being constructed at the Long-Term Waste Management Facility, located south of Highway 401 between Baulch Road and Brand Road. The work involves the trucking of contaminated soil along designated transportation routes to minimize the impacts of truck traffic on the community.

The first wastes to be remediated are currently stored under tarps at three locations including the Centre Pier, the Pine Street North Extension in the Highland Drive Landfill area and at the municipal sewage treatment plant. The Centre Pier is the first site to be remediated.

“This is the beginning of the final chapter in addressing this long-standing environmental issue in Port Hope,” said Bryan Tyers, Director of Project Delivery for the PHAI.

Remediation at a number of residential properties will begin later in the spring.

Prior to the start of waste movement, fencing will be installed to restrict access to work areas for public safety and no road closures are anticipated. The removal of waste from the Centre Pier will enable the PHAI to use the pier as the staging area during the remediation of the Port Hope Harbour which will begin later this year.

Residents are encouraged to contact the PHAI if they have questions or concerns as well as visit for up-to-date project information.

“As we move into this phase of the project, we remain committed to completing it safely and efficiently while minimizing impacts to the community,” added Tyers.

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