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February 18, 2021

PHAI plans for 2021 season

At the quarterly update to Municipality of Port Hope Council on February 16, Scott Parnell, General Manager at CNL’s Port Hope office shared specific Port Hope Area Initiative (PHAI) work plans for the upcoming year.

“Even though the past year was challenging, it gave us the opportunity to lay the ground work for activities to resume this spring,” said Parnell.

In particular, Parnell highlighted work at the waterfront, indicating that dredging of the Port Hope Harbour is expected to resume shortly. He also identified that work at the site along Mill Street is progressing well and that work is being planned for the area under the viaducts.

Parnell shared updated on other areas of work across the Port Hope community, reflecting on the successes in 2020 and the planned work in the upcoming months. He also shared the success story that CNL is realizing in Port Granby, with the movement of waste away from the Lake Ontario shoreline complete in the Clarington hamlet, and the completion of the engineered mound expected in 2022.

For the privately owned properties and road allowances in Port Hope, Parnell provided a status update on the close to 5,000 properties in the PHAI process. In addition, Parnell commented on the proposed changes to the PHAI Cleanup Criteria. “We’ve had some comments back from our regulators and expect to provide them with additional information,” said Parnell. He added that the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) review has now been pushed to 2022.

Parnell indicated this would be his last Council meeting as he was moving on to other opportunities closer to home. He then introduced Mark Hughey who will be the new General Manager at the end of Parnell’s tenure. Hughey expressed his eagerness to continue the work with the Council as partners.

Mayor Sanderson thanked Parnell for his work with the Council and staff of the Municipality of Port Hope and invited him back to see PHAI work come to fruition.

Residents are reminded to connect via [email protected] or 905.885.0291 if they have any questions and or concerns about PHAI work.

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